Past Life Regression

Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss

Author of “Many Lives, Many Masters”

Past Life Regression New York City
Eli Bliliuos, Past Life Regression Hypnotist

Imagine being able to explore past lives, understanding who you were prior to this life ,and gaining a deeper insight into your life purpose….

If you have ever thought about who you might have been in a past life, or why you have feelings you simply can’t explain, you may have wondered things like –

“Why do I sometimes have an instant connection with certain people and feel as if I have known them my whole life?’

“Why do I specific thoughts, fears, or feelings that have no explanation?”

                                                                  “What is my purpose in life?”

Life is full of mysteries and unexplained thoughts and feelings that can leave you wondering about your higher purpose in life and ‘what it all means’. Past life regression helps you find the answers to these questions, and even more. In fact, Past Life Regression, also called Past Life Therapy, allows you to understand what occurred before you entered this life and how these past occurrences have a direct impact on your life today.


Having a greater understanding of the specific things you are supposed to achieve in this life

Knowing why you feel and think they way you do

Finding peace in life and identifying the souls that have traveled with you through your lives

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If you have an unexplained illness or fears that seem to have no root cause, Past Life Regression sessions in NYC with Eli Bliliuos may be able to help you uncover why you feel the way you do by exploring your previous lives and the reason you were reincarnated into the body you possess now. Maybe in a past life you suffered an experienced that caused great trauma. That trauma could be imprinted on your soul and continue to travel with you through new lives. In order to move past this traumatic experience, it has to be identified and understood. Past Life Regression can help you do this.

Past Life Regression is sought for many different reasons from simply curiosity or for a specific purpose. However, the only requirement for a successful regression is to simply allow the process to occur. You do not have to believe in reincarnation, you must only follow the directions of your Past Life Regression therapist. If you are in New York, in Manhattan or in any of the areas around New York City, let us help you explore your past lives so you can achieve greater insight into who you are and the lessons you’re meant to achieve.

Past Life Regression is completely natural and easy to undertake when guided by past life regression hypnotist, Eli Bliliuos. It can help you identify the people that have traveled with you through multiple incarnations and the reason why you feel as if you have known a person or persons for your whole life, even if you have just met in this life. Past Life Regression therapy is safe and can help you understand your life and yourself in a much deeper and insightful way. Past Life Regression can help you achieve profound change and spiritual enlightenment and may help you find the answers to the questions you may have.