Life Between Lives Regression

Trained by the Michael Newton Institute

“Journey of Souls”

Eli Bliliuos – Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives Regression New York City
Eli Bliliuos, Life Between Lives Regression Hypnotist

 Imagine being able to ‘see’ what happened to your ‘soul’ after death and before you reincarnated

If you have ever wondered about life beyond our daily existence, then you may have wondered things like –

“What happens when we die, and what if we aren’t ready?”

“What is my reason for being in this world?”

“Why do I feel like I am not doing something I am supposed to do?”

At some point in life many of us will question our purpose in life and what happens after we die. Life Between Lives (LBL) regression can help you find the answers to those questions. You see, though we can’t consciously remember what happened before we entered the bodies we currently possess, the memories of what came before are stored in our subconscious. Life between lives regressions allows us to access those memories so that we are able to understand better who we are and what we are supposed to accomplish in this life.


Truly understanding your reason for living and what your higher purpose may be

Identifying those souls who have traveled with you through your incarnations

Knowing the reason for the challenges you face and the spiritual goals you are working to achieve

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Life between lives regressions takes you back through your current life to childhood and then to the womb. This is generally a period of intense emotion as you may feel the sensations that you experienced and your first feelings. You will then travel back further and into your most recent past life. While traveling through your past life, you may be able to understand the issues from that life that continue to affect your current one. You may also discover patterns that have carried over from the life to this one, giving you a greater understanding of your current life challenges.

Eli Bliliuos, your life between lives regression hypnotist, will then take to you to the time of death in that past life and then to the period prior to that existence. It is at this point in time where you may experience the connection you have with other souls who have played roles in your many incarnations. This point in your regression can be extremely enlightening and can allow you to have a much deeper understanding of your purpose in life. You may also feel a renewed connection with important people in your current life as it is possible some have been with you throughout many lives.

Life between lives regression is an exploration of the travels your soul has undertaken, and can provide you with a profound shift in how you live your life. The experience can create significant and powerful change in how you view the world and the important people in your life, and give you a profound enlightenment that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Eli Bliliuos received his formal training at the Michael Newton Institute and is honored to facilitate these profound sessions.