Energy Healers

Anna the Energy Healer

Energy Healer New YorkAnna was born and raised in the northern part of Poland. She grew up in the country side raised by noble and hardworking parents who lived a tranquil life, dedicated to the cultivation of land.

Anna’s supernatural abilities began to emerge when she was barely four years old. At that age she suddenly started to wake up in the middle of the night and speak in unidentified tongues. The episodes frightened Anna and her startled parents that felt hopeless about her condition. Because of the frequency of such occurrences, Anna’s mother decided to seek help from a local healer. Despite the various rituals performed, nothing eased her tendency to channel the messages from other dimensions. With time Anna learned to control that odd ability and no longer suffered from the nightly disturbances. Yet at times during the day she would predict events before they took place. Simultaneously Anna began to perceive the reality in a form of colors and different sensations that were corresponding to the state of being of people she came across.

The extraordinary abilities created a state of alienation and a strong inclination to search for answers. The only aspect of life that gave her a sense of comfort was the serene quality of nature and solitude. As Anna began to contemplate the natural world more often, spheres of energy surrounding individuals became more visible to her. Not only was she noticing the motions of vibrating colors, but also she started to observe the exchange of energy between her being and anybody she came in contact with.

The soothing effect on people made it clear to her that she was in possession of a great gift of healing. Thus, she was guided intuitively to start placing hands on specific body areas of her ill family members who experienced instant relief and healing through her touch.

Anna is a person of a loving and understanding disposition. Ever since she was a little girl, she prayed that her inner peace and happiness could spread all around the globe and the Universe. She never expected to be the person who could contribute to the expansion of healing of such magnitude.

As time went by she discovered she can remove blockages and appropriately balance the chakras – energetic centers within the body that correspond to vital points in the physical body that are responsible for the wellbeing and the feeling of wholeness and satisfaction necessary to live a healthy and happy life .

During the healing sessions Anna is supported by divine intelligence that surpasses the understanding of the human mind. The divine that rules the loving realm of healing energy is responsible for the improvement of people’ s lives. She is just a bridge that allows the connection.